Acetate Zero

Le réglage précis du zéro

Ref: arbou030 - 2xLP

Prix: Epuise

300 copies limited.
In 2010, time for another perverted affair, a pure infamy, but this time no concessions at all: it’s on a double vinyl LP, one time pressing of 300 copies. It’s called ‘LE REGLAGE PRECIS DU ZERO’. CD is nothing, vinyl means everything. The band has some words on it: It would be en error to consider our songs within the context of the values now fashionable in the arts in general and music in particular. To align them with such and such a trend, without taking into account that their very purpose in existing is defined by the past and the defeat. This album could be defined as our ‘Black & white album’, 5 persons who write their own songs, with the fine help of the others from time to time. A real heartbreak also when we had to decide to put a handful of songs aside. We kept 29 tracks. These songs were like landmarks for a period between mid-2009 and mid-2010: deceptions, ripped friendships, stacks of disasters and some velvet loving tremors. Some of these tracks were recorded very quickly just because the first takes are often the best ones (‘The north is avenged’, ‘Catharian mist’…). Our music remains very instinctive. A study of our music is of no use, it would put it in danger. Our sound is very simple in itself, pretty imperfect, quite warm, rather rough, sometimes abrasive. No rehersals and record everything directly. It’s not a secret, it’s just how it works for us. We let others songs in a demo condition because fortune favours fools and we couldn’t think it would be better in a normal way (‘Perverted affair’, ‘Like to be forgotten’…). Of course, some keep our traditional touch (‘Are you ready to fall?’, ‘Lurid paintings for nothing’). Some of them are also very old tracks, tunes we had for ages (‘Turn off’, ‘Tactical bodycheck’, ‘Come & strike back’…) never recorded before because it was not perhaps the moment, nor the right place nor just the right feeling. Thus, we still have plenty of others stuck in limbo. So, it’s certainly the most pop oriented record we’ve made, ‘pop’ in our way: with a bright treatment of noise and ghost sounds. Very short tracks we prefer to say quickie tracks, no prisoners. Anyway, play it loud.